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Bone Regeneration
Silverdale, WA

Image of a person smiling after bone regeneration at Life Long Dental.
Bone regeneration might sound like a super power, but it is actually a cutting edge dental technology helping make more people better candidates for dental implants. Dental implant technology is one of the best ways to restore lost, diseased, or severely damaged teeth, but many of the patients who need implants the most cannot get them due to insufficient bone mass. If that is you, Life Long Dental can help you regenerate your bone so you too can experience the numerous benefits of dental implants.

What Bone Regeneration Is

Over the years, we have developed a number of different methods for regenerating bone so that we can offer the treatment to as many patients as possible. The most common regenerative techniques make use of bone graft material. The specific material used depends on the volume of graft required for the treatment. Based on your unique health needs, schedule, budget, and other factors, we might select animal bone, synthetic bone, bones from someone else, or your own bones.

Grafting is not the only way of regenerating bone, though. Another state of the art technique utilizes Emdogain gel. This gel has a specialized protein that helps rebuild not only the bone, but also the gum tissue and ligaments. We use Emdogain gel as part of a method known as guided tissue regeneration. A membrane is inserted between your bone and gums so that both tissues can regenerate without their varying respective regrowth speeds causing problems.

Are You a Good Candidate for Bone Regeneration?

Bone regeneration is ideal for patients that have insufficient bone density and volume to support a dental implant, which is a small rod inserted into the bone itself. Patients might lose bone mass after losing a tooth and not having it replaced, or from gum disease. Even if you are not considering a dental implant, bone regeneration can be helpful to restore collapsed facial features from bone loss due to a missing tooth, though only an implant can completely halt more bone loss.

What to Expect During Bone Regeneration

As there are a number of different regenerative techniques available, what you can expect during your treatment will depend on the particular method being used. The most common technique, a bone graft, typically involves folding the gum tissue back so we can carefully expose the bone, drill a hole in it, and then pack it with bone graft material. Gradually, this graft material will act as a scaffold for your natural bone to grow over, eventually replacing the added material. This process can take several months, sometimes as long as a year.

You Do Not Have to Wait for Dental Implants!

If you want to restore your smile to be as good or even better than it was before using the power of dental implant technology, but have been told that you are not an ideal candidate, then bone regeneration might be the answer you are looking for. If you are interested in learning more about how bone regeneration techniques can potentially help prepare you for dental implants, call Life Long Dental at (360) 633-2377 today to schedule a consultation!


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