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Teeth Cleaning
Silverdale, WA

If you want to ensure the longevity of your teeth and gums, you can do so with regular dental appointments.

Our Silverdale dentist here at Life Long Dental know the importance of preventative dentistry. Preventive dentistry keeps unwanted problems from occurring to your dental health.

If you want to practice preventative dentistry, keeping up with a schedule is very important. In order to practice proper dental hygiene, we recommend a visit to our office every six months for a checkup and dental cleaning.

Do not wait until it is too late for your dental health. In order to prioritize your teeth, schedule another cleaning six months ahead of your last appointment and plan for the future by allowing our dental office to perform the best care for you.

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

During our professional teeth cleaning, we will remove plaque & stains, perform a dental exam & x-rays, use fluoride treatment, and polish your teeth.

Professional Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning is a simple procedure if you have them regularly. Your teeth cleaning should be performed by a dental hygienist. The only preparation required is making sure you schedule your appointments every six months.

Plaque Removal

Choose our Silverdale dental practice to have your teeth professionally cleaned by Dr. Gillespie. During your visit, plaque will be removed using floss and other small tools. We also offer deep cleanings if you are a patient with excessive plaque buildup, but these are usually not required unless advised.

Excessive amounts of plaque will cause bad breath and cavities. Plaque buildup will only lead to more pressing issues down the road. Provided that you floss daily, an important home practice, less plaque will result.

Dental Exam

Another significant step is the dental examination. When you visit our practice, Dr. Kasey Gillespie, DDS will give a thorough dental exam of your mouth. We will use a mirror and light that enables us to observe every crevice of your mouth for potential concerns.

If you have any tooth decay or problems with your gums, we will be able to spot it during a dental cleaning. Whenever we spot a problem early we can more easily prevent further damage from occurring to your teeth and mouth. This is why it is important to receive teeth cleanings and exams on a regular basis.

Dental X-Ray

We will also x-ray your jaw once a year as part of your dental exam during a cleaning. During the x-ray, Dr. Gillespie will place a lead apron covering over your body that will protect it from radiation. Then, we will stand back behind a protective barrier to shield themselves from any radiation.

While you bite down on a small piece of plastic, the scanner can be placed to take photos. We will ask you to bite down in different areas, to be able to take x-rays of your whole mouth. Afterward, we will check your x-rays for cavities affecting your teeth or jawbone. We will check your bite to make sure that your teeth are aligning properly and without pain and we'll also screen for oral cancer, which can only be done by a dental professional.

Fluoride Treatment

A fluoride treatment will then be applied to strengthen your teeth and aid in preventing cavities in the future. This will be in the form of a fluoride gel or foam treatment, applied to your teeth as the final step of your dental cleaning and exam. This mineral called fluoride will help sustain your enamel's health and prevent tooth decay that will lead to cavities.

Stain Removal

For the final step of your dental cleaning, your teeth will be polished with a paste that removes stains and makes them sparkle when you leave our office.

Will Teeth Cleaning Whiten Teeth?

A dental cleaning will remove plaque and tartar, which will help whiten and brighten your teeth.

If you are looking for additional whitening, we also perform teeth whitening treatments in our office. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure involving brightening the teeth using bleaching and non-bleaching dental agents.

Bleaching agents typically contain peroxide agents like carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These bleaching agents remove stains from the surface and deep from the tooth enamel. Bleaching could also make teeth brighter than their natural shade.

Bleaching agents at the dentist are more concentrated than OTC bleaching products. Non-bleaching agents like laser beams and whitening creams do not contain bleaching agents but are also used to achieve whitening in the teeth.

Effects of Teeth Cleaning

Assuming that you want to prevent yourself from losing teeth and money, teeth cleanings are extremely important. When you wait longer in between dental visits this means that there is more potential for problems to be overlooked and grow worse.

As long as you schedule biannual visits to Dr. Kasey Gillespie, DDS for necessary cleanings, you can ensure your proper dental health. Once you see our dentist regularly, you will stop any unknown issue from growing worse.

Problems such as cavities and stains will grow worse if left untreated and gum disease and other serious issues may develop. Leaving these issues untreated for months will result in more dental work.

As soon as a serious problem starts, visits to the dentist will need to occur even more regularly than every six months. Given care early instead, you will intercept any further damage and save your teeth.

Additionally, if dental health problems affect other areas of your health, you will have more issues to deal with. One example is how gum disease can lead to respiratory complications if untreated. This is why quality oral care is vital to our health overall.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning Today

You may fear the dentist because you are anticipating discomfort; however, the benefits of a 30 to 60 minute dental cleaning will save you from serious dental issues and more painful procedures in the future.

You should schedule regular teeth cleanings in order to avoid potential decay and unnecessary tooth problems and pain.

Schedule your next teeth cleaning with our team at Life Long Dental by calling us at (360) 633-2377 today!

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