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Difference Between Tooth Decay and Cavity

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Life Long Dental
Tooth decay and cavities have been used interchangeably by many of our patients, although they mean two different conditions. The two terms are associated as one leads to the development of the other. But what's the real difference between the two? Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugary contents left around the teeth and gumlines and unattended food particles. The bacteria produce acids as their byproducts and deposit them on tooth enamel and in the grooves. Poor dental care leads to the accumulation of plaque and tartar, which eats away at the enamel exposing the inner teeth parts. This results in a hole in the tooth structure called the cavity. In unfortunate cases, the situations may worsen when left untreated, leading to the development of the root cavity and the exposure of the sensitive nerve endings. Therefore, if you feel pain near your tooth's root, please visit our dentist for a further checkup. Causes of Tooth Decay and Cavities The most prevalent causes of tooth decay and cavities are the intake of sugary foods and acidic beverages. Remember, the sugar contents and the acidity produced by the bacteria can wreak havoc in your mouth. We advise limiting the number of sugar contents taken to minimize the risks associated with acidic production on our teeth. Furthermore, proper dental hygiene, which includes frequent brushing your teeth, will flush away bacteria and carbohydrates deposited in your mouth. Include flossing your dental hygiene measures to ensure even the remains accumulation in hard-to-reach areas by the toothbrushes are eliminated. A dry mouth offers fertile ground for the bacteria to live in and causes detrimental effects. Saliva production flushes away bacteria eliminating chances of plaque and tartar formation. Therefore, ensure you chew sugarless gums and drink sufficient water to fuel the production of saliva in your mouth. If you experience tooth decay or cavities symptoms, visit our offices for medical treatment. Call us today to schedule an appointment....

Nutrition and Oral Health

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Life Long Dental
Nutrition plays a significant role in taking care of oral health. Most dental diseases could be prevented by maintaining a diet full of nutrients. Nutrition is the combination of diet and the vitamins and minerals we consume. Our diet affects the way our oral health is maintained and its resistance to infections. We are going to discuss some oral diseases and their relation to nutrition. Dental Diseases and Nutrition. Dental caries or decay is one of the major prevalent dental diseases. This disease occurs when bacteria from holes in the teeth accumulate due to sugar leftovers and failure to clean them. Individuals who consume huge sugar content are highly exposed to dental caries. Research shows that natural sugars from foods like cheese and milk massively benefit your teeth as they contain minerals like calcium. Dental erosion occurs due to abrasive forces and chemical reactions on the teeth. The eroded teeth usually lose their enamel first, followed by the dentin. Diets with many dietary acids such as citric acid, phosphoric acid, and ascorbic acid are dangerous to the teeth. Acute demineralization is associated with taking soft drinks and beverages in large quantities. Periodontal diseases, also known as gum diseases, include infections such as gingivitis. People with insufficient vitamins are at high risk of gum disease infection. Dental diseases could spread to the blood vessels leading to infections in the brain and heart. Oral cancer cases are rising gradually among many people. This cancer is attributed to contemporary lifestyle and poor intake of nutrients. Unfortunately, foods that protect against dental infections, such as greens, are avoided as people desire manufactured and canned food. These could cause changes in their DNA and increase the chances of being carcinogenic. Offering care A balanced diet consisting of greens and food rich in natural sugars like fruits could be preventive. Contact us for guidance on nutrition for better oral health....

Benefits of Implants Over Dentures

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Life Long Dental
Having tooth replacement may require you to decide which option to take, whether to go for dental implants or dentures. Several factors that will suit your preference will determine your best choice. You can involve our dentist in making the right decision for your dental health so that you can retain your smile. What are debentures and implants? Dental implants are one of the recent oral innovations made by dentists. Implants are permanent teeth replacements as they cannot be removed. They involve extracting the damaged tooth to drill a hole where a mental post is implanted, which serves as a root. Implants are similar to natural teeth, just that they are artificial teeth and require the same dental care. Dentures can be removed; they can be either partial or complete teeth. They are fixed to replace lost teeth in your mouth. The dentist examines your dental formula to come up with the right set of dentures for you in the lab to ensure that they fit with the other teeth to avoid interfering with your speech and chewing. Implants overdentures Dental implants preserve the face and jaw bone structure, whereas dentures change the structure of the jaw bone and face as one ages. Dental implants last for a long time compared to dentures which require adjustment or replacement over time. With dental implants, you will feel comfortable just like the natural teeth, but with dentures, you may take time before getting used to them after replacement. Dental implants are easy to maintain since you are only required to clean and floss them daily, but with dentures, you will require special treatment in terms of cleaning. Finally, dental implants restore your chewing ability; thus, you won't stress while eating while with dentures, you have to be careful when chewing hard or sticky foodstuffs. If you have any missing teeth or need replacement, schedule an appointment with us. We offer quality service for your tooth replacement options....

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