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Top Three Reasons to Consider Getting Veneers

Posted on 7/20/2020 by Life Long Dental
Not everyone has that perfect smile borne from evenly shaped teeth that neatly fall into a balanced tooth line. Some have chipped or broken teeth from biting a hard substance or from minor injuries, whereas some have a natural misalignment. Earlier, you were forced to live with those misshapen teeth and take it in your stride. But the invention and popularization of veneers have changed the game. Any imperfections in your teeth need not be permanent now. Our dentists are here to assure you that they can be easily corrected. What are Dental Veneers? Chipped teeth are not just cosmetic problems that assault your confidence. They also pose risks to the structural stability of your teeth as they decrease the strength required to chew food. At times, stained teeth can also make one feel conscious and veneers can take care of the problem quickly. Dental veneers are a coating built from porcelain that fills up or covers the problem areas to give your teeth their organic appearance. Top Three Reasons for Getting Veneers Veneers do an excellent job of rectifying dental misalignments from either a broken tooth or uneven teeth line. This goes beyond cosmetic dentistry as a natural smile can boost your mood and of those around you. Dental veneers, since they are made from porcelain, also tend to have long shelf lives. You can go ahead with your normal eating and brushing habits without worrying about their breakage. The third reason to consider veneers is that the procedure is neither complicated nor time-consuming. Should I Get Dental Veneers? If you have a chipped tooth or imperfection in your teeth line, our doctors can analyze and figure out if veneers are the ideal option for you. An added advantage of veneers is that you will be able to get it done in just a single visit to our office....

Should You Gargle Each Day for Better Oral Health

Posted on 7/6/2020 by Life Long Dental
If you're looking for more effective ways to shore up your oral hygiene after a restoration procedure for generally for better oral health, a simple gargling of salt water everyday can make a huge difference. Gargling salt water every day is one of the oldest oral practices around, and it's still highly effective today. It helps in reinforcing your oral health and remedying a wide range of conditions such as sore throat and gum sores. It makes a greater difference for patients who've just undergone a dental procedure, helping keep bacteria at bay to allow for a smooth-sailing healing process. The Science Behind Gargling Salt Water Everyday Rinsing your mouth with salt water helps you tackle bacterial invasion in more ways than one. For starters, it temporarily raises the pH balance in your mouth, increasing the alkalinity in the environment to make your mouth less habitable to bacteria. Salt water is also an isotonic solution that contains essential salts and minerals which a patient needs to recover from dental surgery. The mineral contents are present in amounts proportionate to those found in the body, hence, salt water aids the recovery process without irritating the mucous membranes like medical mouthwashes. Some Oral Benefits of Gargling Salt Water Everyday Research results have confirmed what ancient healers knew long ago; that gargling salt water is an effective remedy for sore throat, gum irritation, and other oral problems. Gargling sore mouth can help bring instant temporary relief to mild pain, itching throat, sore throat, and other similar respiratory conditions. It can also help you treat canker sores – painful ulcers that can develop in the mouth. By forestalling the growth of bacteria in your mouth, gargling salt water also helps you keep a wide range of oral problems at bay. Want more tips for improving your oral health? Our informative dental experts are always pleased to take your inquiries. Call us today....

Missing a Tooth? Why Its Necessary to Get Treatment ASAP

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Life Long Dental
Your teeth have many important functions. They allow you to bite and chew. They control airflow for speech. They play a crucial role in the appearance of your smile. The teeth are even essential for the health of your jawbone. Taking care of your teeth is important for keeping them strong and healthy. Sometimes, however, things can happen, and you lose a tooth. Life Long Dental is here to help. What Causes Tooth Loss? There are numerous causes of tooth loss. One of the biggest causes is gum disease. Gum disease happens when plaque and bacteria irritate your gums, causing them to become inflamed. The inflamed tissue begins to pull away from the surfaces of the teeth, and bacteria fall below the gum line. Once there, the bacteria attack the supporting structures of your teeth, weakening them. The teeth become loose and fall out. Other causes of tooth loss include: Effects of Tooth Loss Losing teeth, even losing just one, has several effects on your life. If you are missing a tooth, having that tooth replaced as quickly as possible is necessary for getting back your quality of life. Call Life Long Dental today at 360-633-2377 for more information and several tooth replacement options....

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