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Amazing facts about your tongue

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Life Long Dental
Amazing facts about your tongueThe tongue is a vital organ in our body, it can tell about your health. It is among the most important organs in your mouth though people tend to neglect it when observing oral care. Many forget to clean their tongue when they are brushing and cleaning other parts of the mouth. Our dentist will teach you the most important and amazing facts that you did not know about the tongue.

Brushing the tongue can prevent tooth decay

Many do know that brushing the tongue keeps the bacteria away. A great number of people do not know that even after brushing their teeth and flossing they need to clean the tongue. This is because the bacteria in the teeth can shift to the tongue and later go back in between the teeth, hence causing gingivitis if it combines with left-over food. Always ensure that you brush your tongue after brushing your teeth. Use a soft brush so that you do not harm the tongue.

The color of your tongue talks about your health

The color of your tongue can indicate much about your health. When the color of your tongue is pink this could be an indication that you have allergies, when the color changes to red this show that your tongue has infections. The fungal infections can cause your tongue to have white patches all over it. The tongue can also change in texture and this shows that the tongue is lacking some vital minerals. If you have blisters on the tongue this might be due to allergic reactions to some medication. If you notice any change in your tongue our dentists will examine you and come up with a treatment plan if they identify problems with your oral health.

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