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What Is Dry Mouth and How Do You Treat It?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Life Long Dental
What Is Dry Mouth and How Do You Treat It?A dry mouth is a condition that affects many people. It can be caused by various factors, such as medications, dehydration, and Sjogren's Syndrome. If you are experiencing dry mouth, don't worry - there are many ways to treat it! Here, we will explain the causes and symptoms of dry mouth and the treatment options available to you. We hope that this information will help you find relief from your dry mouth symptoms!

What Causes Dry Mouth?

You may see different causes of dry mouth. These include medications, diseases, and specific medical treatments. Medications like antihistamines, decongestants, and pain relievers can cause dry mouth. Diseases like Sjogren's syndrome, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS can also lead to dry mouth. Sjogren's syndrome is a disease that attacks the body's tear and saliva glands. Diabetes can cause dry mouth because it decreases the production of saliva. HIV/AIDS can also lead to dry mouth because it can damage the salivary glands.

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Mouth?

The symptom of dry mouth is a feeling of thirstiness. Other symptoms may include a sticky feeling or a dryness in the mouth, more urination, cracked lips, a burning feeling around the gums, difficulty speaking or swallowing, and a red and completely dry tongue.

What Are the Treatment Options for Dry Mouth?

The important thing you can do to treat dry mouth is to drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Sucking on ice chips or sugar-free hard candy also can help. Avoid alcohol and tobacco, which can make the problem worse. Talk to your doctor or dentist if your mouth continues to dry even when drinking fluids. They may recommend artificial saliva products or suggest other ways to increase saliva flow.

Our licensed dentists will help you find the best way to treat dry mouth. We will assess your symptoms and work with you to find the best way to manage your dry mouth. We may recommend changing your diet, increasing fluid intake, or a saliva substitute.

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