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How Do Mini Implant Dentures Work?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Life Long Dental
How Do Mini Implant Dentures Work?Less invasive methods than those used for traditional dental implants are used to insert mini dental implants. These toothpick-sized implants are inserted into the bone over the gum surface as opposed to traditional implants, which are inserted under the gums. Mini dental implants are easier to place and take less time to get than traditional implants. Mini implants can typically be placed by dentists using local anesthetic in a single appointment. Also, no stitches are required. However, conventional implants take several months and call for at least two dentist visits. For some treatments, further visits may be necessary for bone grafting to provide enough bone to support the implants.

Addressing Bone Loss

Bone loss is an issue for many edentulous patients. If you do not have any teeth, the bone that supports your teeth is vulnerable to resorption. Denture wearers who use traditional dentures may also experience this process. Conventional dental implants will not anchor firmly in place if there isn't enough bone. Mini dental implants from your dentist don't need as much underlying bone as their larger counterparts because they are smaller. Due to this, individuals who lost their teeth many years ago and may no longer have the necessary bone structure for regular-sized dental implants should strongly consider small dental implants. Most of the time, wearing dentures that are anchored by small dental implants will not cause bone loss.

Having Secure Dentures

If you currently wear traditional dentures, you have probably experienced slippage, messy adhesive application, and social anxiety. Conventional dentures must be taken out before bed, cleaned with a particular solution, and then reinserted in the morning. Dentures that are not secured only cause these problems, but they can also significantly impact your quality of life. For more information on securing dentures visit our clinic today.

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