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Our tips for a tooth-friendly Halloween

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Life Long Dental
Our tips for a tooth-friendly HalloweenHalloween is a holiday of treats and tricks, school parties, gifts, and harvest festivals. The festival of Halloween revolves around candy. During the Halloween holiday, it is almost impossible to keep away from sweets and candy, risking our dental health. There are tips to help keep our children and our teeth from tooth decay and stay healthy and happy.

What Halloween candy is good for the teeth?

The plaque will build up after eating nay candy with sugar and this can lead to tooth decay. Hard candy which comprises lollipops and peppermints causes the most dental damage. The hard treats are left in the mouth for a long and they put your teeth at risk of tooth decay. The sticky candy is also a pleasantry during Halloween and they stick around the teeth damaging the enamel and exposing the pulp. Chewing gum is a safe Halloween treat that you can get, gum-chewing allows for the production of extra saliva in the mouth, the saliva rinses the mouth and keeps plaque away. The best gum to chew is sugar-free gum sweetened with fruit juices.

How to protect the teeth of kids during Halloween

Halloween had many treats and candy is in plenty but does not let it cause the horror of cavities later on. You can make this period fun and especially for the kids who enjoy candy. First when your child is back from a treat make sure to look at their gifts and ensure that they do not have more than enough candy. Sort out the sweets into hard candy, gums, and chocolate. . Use small packages to divide the candy and make a rule on when to consume the candy. When allowing the kid to indulge, do it at mealtime only when there is extra saliva to keep plaque at bay or less. The hard fruits and vegetables can help in this process so ensure its present at the meals time. Visit us to know how to deal with Halloween treats and keep your teeth healthy

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