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If You Have Swollen Gums We Should See You to Check for Problems

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Life Long Dental
If You Have Swollen Gums We Should See You to Check for ProblemsLooking in the mirror can be troublesome if you notice you have swollen gums. Even nice white and aligned teeth can look unhealthy if your gums are swollen. Healthy gums appear pink and firm. Are your gums red or even bleeding? If so, we should see you to check for problems.

Your gums should be relatively uniform in color and follow the curve of the tooth. Healthy gum tissue, which is not inflamed, can appear scalloped next to the tooth. if your gums are bright red and swollen, that could be an indication of a dental issue.

Changes in Gum Appearance Could Mean That You Have a Dental Issue

If your gums appear bright red and bleed easily, you should give our office a call. You may notice your gums bleed most often when you brush or floss. Let us know when you notice the bleeding.

Infection is one of the top reasons your gums may be swelling. If you think you might have an infection, please contact our office immediately. It is important to treat and contain any oral bacteria as you do not want the bacteria to migrate to other parts of your body and cause problems.

If you have had an injury to your face, your gums may swell. This is normal for a trauma situation, but you should still seek our professional opinion as other complications in your mouth may be present.

Call Our Office Right Away

Call our office right away if you notice swelling or any other abnormalities in your gums. We are here to help you. We will talk to you about your gums and how we can treat it. We have helped many patients with swollen gums, and look forward to giving you the time and attention that you need.

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