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Water Can Help Keep Your Teeth Cleaner

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Amy
Water Can Help Keep Your Teeth CleanerEvery sip of water you take helps in cleaning your teeth. Many people often prefer using soda or sweetened drinks to wash away food residues from their teeth. They get the job done but leave you with unwanted sugar in your teeth, which can cause cavities and other dental-related problems. Bacteria like dwelling in the sugary area, and your mouth can be an ideal habitat for them. Some of these sugary drinks also contain acid such as citric and phosphoric acid, which erodes the enamel. However, water will help strengthen your enamel and keep your mouth hydrated.

Strengthen Enamel

Keeping your teeth clean is essential in strengthening your enamel in many ways. Since water contains minerals and your enamel also has a high mineral content, water helps ensure that your teeth are healthy and strong. The presence of fluoride in water helps in making your teeth stronger. However, these minerals are present in tap water and mineral water only. Distilled water and water purified through reverse osmosis lack essential minerals. If you need to take filtered water, ensure that it has undergone fluoride treatment to ensure that you benefit from it. Apart from keeping your teeth clean and strengthening the enamel, water also prevents teeth decay.

Keep Hydrated

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is a condition under which plaque builds up in the mouth and prohibits enough saliva production. A dry mouth does not only indicate that you are thirsty but that you're also dehydrated. Like water, saliva also helps wash food debris from the mouth to prevent bacteria build-up. A dry mouth sometimes causes tooth decay. This is because saliva helps prevent your teeth from decaying. By drinking enough water, you improve your dental health by increasing saliva production and supplying your teeth and gum with essential minerals. Contact us for more information on how water is beneficial to your teeth and your dental hygiene.

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