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A Brown Spot on Your Teeth May Not Be a Cavity

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Amy
A Brown Spot on Your Teeth May Not Be a CavityWhile a brown spot on the teeth often signifies dental decay, it sometimes can be due to another reason. The following information discusses the reasons brown spots, other than decay, may develop on the teeth.

When a Brown Spot Is Not a Cavity

Besides decay, a brown spot on a tooth can surface from food or drink stains, medications, or certain medical conditions. Children may also develop brown spots from ingesting too much fluoride - a condition known as fluorosis. A buildup of tartar can also lead to brown spots. With respect to food or drinks, dark-colored beverages and foods contain stain-causing chemicals known as chromogens. Over time, the stains caused by chromogents can become permanent, especially if a person does not regularly take care of their teeth. The tannins in tea and coffee can stain the teeth and cause brown spots as well. Smokers or users of tobacco products can also develop brown spots. Particles in nicotine and tobacco products stick to the microscopic pores in the teeth, thereby causing brown spots and discoloration.

Brown Spots Caused by Tartar

A buildup of tartar of calculus can also lead to the formation of brown spots. That is why it is important to control the plaque that leads to the development of tartar by regular brushing and flossing. Once plaque becomes tartar, we have to intervene, as we have the tools that can remove the tartar that can build up on the teeth. Besides poor oral hygiene, the site, MedicalNewsToday, adds that tartar can accumulate from taking certain medicines, such as nerve blockers or experiencing hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy. Medical conditions, such as diabetes or hypoplasia, may cause brown spots to develop on the teeth as well. In addition, genetics play a role in tooth discoloration and brown spots. Therefore, spots may develop, or teeth may darken because of the aging process.

Whether brown spots form because of decay or another reason, you need to contact us for an examination. Give us a call today if you have any dental concern or you need to make an appointment for an exam and professional cleaning.

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