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Aging And Dry Mouth: How Are They Related?

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Life Long Dental
Aging And Dry Mouth: How Are They Related?People commonly experience various body changes as they age, including oral health issues. One prevalent concern among seniors is dry mouth, also known as xerostomia. A dry mouth occurs when there is a reduced saliva flow, leading to discomfort and potential oral health problems. You can take several actions to avoid having a dry mouth. You should talk to the dentist to ensure you get the correct info. Below is the relationship between aging and dry mouth:

Changes In Body Chemistry

One of the reasons why seniors may experience dry mouth is the natural aging process, which can bring about changes in body chemistry. Salivary glands may stop producing as much saliva as they once did as people age. This reduction in saliva flow can result in dryness and a parched sensation in the mouth.

Long-Term Health Problems

Problems are more likely to get to older people. Diabetes, Sjögren's syndrome, and autoimmune illnesses are a few conditions that might harm oral health and cause dry mouth. Reduced salivation may result from certain health conditions interfering with the salivary glands' normal operation.

Certain Medications

Many seniors take medications to manage various health conditions. Unfortunately, some medications have side effects that can cause dry mouth due to reduced saliva flow. Certain medications cause dry mouth, such as antidepressants and some blood pressure medicines. Seniors need to discuss any medication-related concerns with their healthcare provider.


In some cases, malnutrition or inadequate dietary intake of essential nutrients can also contribute to dry mouth in seniors. Reduced salivation could result from poor nutrition, impairing the general health of the salivary glands. When you lack certain nutrients like vitamins and iron, you will develop dental health issues due to a dry mouth. Drinking a lot of water can also help in this condition. Come to our dentist's office to learn how aging affects dental health.

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