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Ideal oral health practices

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Life Long Dental
Ideal oral health practicesAchieving good oral health calls for one to be deliberate. You have to be mindful of your daily habits because something as small as diet can significantly impact your teeth.

Brushing is mandatory

Brushing at least twice a day is the bare minimum. If you forget to do all other things, you should never forget to brush your teeth. If you are in a position to brush after every meal, that would be even better. Brushing before bed is a sure way of getting rid of all the plaque that could have accumulated throughout the day. Take time to address all quadrants of the mouth during any brushing session. Gentle, circular motions will do the work perfectly. Most people neglect brushing the tongue yet it holds so much plaque. Failure to clean the tongue could result in foul breath due to plaque buildup.

Incorporate flossing

Flossing can be challenging and uncomfortable at times. However, do not allow the difficulties of flossing to deter you from inculcating it into your daily routine. Flossing reaches out to the zones in between the teeth that you may not reach with regular brushing. However, flossing does more than that. Flossing also stimulates the gums to function optimally and thus reducing gum inflammation. Flossing once a day is sufficient.

Consider your diet

People may underestimate the role of diet in dental care. For starters, you need to limit the amount of beverages and sugary foods you consume. Instead of processed snacks/foods, fizzy beverages, and other unhealthy starches, consider incorporating whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. The breakdown of sugar releases an acid that progressively eats away the enamel leading to decay. Over time, the cavity could become too much resulting in tooth loss. Consider taking foods rich in calcium and phosphate to constantly re-mineralize the enamel. Drinking a lot of water as part of your daily routine also helps to neutralize the acidity in the mouth.

Regular dental checkups

Doctors recommend having annual dental checkups at least twice a year. Dental visits go beyond professional cleaning. They also serve as the best opportunity to assess the health of your teeth and address any issues that could be coming up. We do dental consultations even for walk-in clients. Reach out to us today and get a comprehensive list of all our dental services.

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