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Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment For Gum Diseases

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Life Long Dental
Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment For Gum DiseasesGum diseases, also known as periodontal diseases, are a group of conditions that affect the tissues and bones that support your teeth. These conditions can range from a mild inflammation of the gums, also known as gingivitis, to more severe forms, such as periodontitis.

The early stages of gum disease may not cause any symptoms, making it difficult to know if you have the condition. However, as the disease progresses, you may notice sure signs and symptoms indicating something is wrong. Continue reading to know the signs, symptoms, and treatment for gum diseases:

Bleeding Gums

One of the most common signs of gum disease is swelling, turning red, and bleeding gums. You may notice that your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth or appear red and swollen. The cause of such symptoms is an accumulation of plaque and tartar, which can lead to inflammation and irritation of the gums.

Receding Gums

Another symptom of gum disease is receding gums. It occurs when the gums pull away from the teeth, exposing the roots. It can make your teeth look longer than usual and cause sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

Loose Teeth

In addition to these symptoms, you may also experience loose teeth. As the disease damages the supporting bone and ligaments that hold your teeth in place, the teeth may become loose and wobble.


Fortunately, gum disease is treatable; the earlier the dentist detects it, the better. The primary goal of treatment is to control the infection and reduce inflammation, which can help stop the disease's progression.

The treatment options will depend on the severity of the disease. Suppose you have gingivitis, the milder form of the disease. You may reverse the condition by practicing good oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing regularly and visiting your dentist for regular cleanings. It will help if you visit our dentist to determine the cause of gum diseases and get the proper treatment.

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